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HIV-AIDS not part of the conversation, recent study shows

Canada is a multicultural country, but Canadian health care may not be reflecting multicultural values. A recent study done at Western University found that people within the African, Caribbean, and black population—termed the ACB community—face unique social barriers that hinder access to health care and contribute to increased vulnerability to such diseases as HIV-AIDS. “We […]

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Used books connect readers to the past

Every morning, Tyler Smith opens the door to a cultural storehouse. “We’re a place that people come to feel a sense of community. It’s a place of conversation – a place of ideas,” said Smith, manager of City Lights Bookshop. This sense of community helps maintain the success of used bookstores and withstand the evolution […]

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Will students say ‘cheers’ to local craft beers?

Dan Chick has trekked through a snowstorm for a beer. Not just any beer, though. A double chocolate cherry stout that goes down “like velvet,” says the 21-year-old Western University accounting student as he takes another sip, eddies of snow swirling outside the window. The streets are empty as cars stay off the slick roads, […]

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Forced marriages occur in Canada, new evidence shows

Forced marriages aren’t just a problem in foreign countries. A recent survey conducted by the South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario shows Canada isn’t immune to the problem. “When people talk about this issue, most of the time people talk about the incidents of people taken abroad and they don’t talk about what happens domestically,” […]

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