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The 2013 print specialists gather near Middlesex College to commemorate the end of a successful year.

Print class 2013 signs off

Welcome to the features issue of Western Journalism Report. The 2013 class of print journalism students have travelled throughout the community and across the web touching base with experts around the world to bring you this range of stories. As our class heads out to pursue their future writing careers, we leave behind a collection of articles […]

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Terzo is an avid cat blogger. Photo courtesy of Bobbi Graham.

The nine (million) lives of Internet cats

In the electronic jungle, one animal rules the page view counts and claims millions of followers every second. Who is this powerful creature that tames even the wildest corners of the Internet? The average household cat. Cats are the not-so-secret key to Internet superstardom, an online phenomenon that has taken social media and the web […]

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Robopocalypse Now? Not so fast

The robots are coming. The machines will rise. It’s known as “the singularity.” It’s that moment when machines reach and then surpass human intelligence, and the idea has captivated mankind for decades. “It’s an idea that stems from that psychotic dream of unlimited power – it promises omniscience, omnipotence, it promises you’ll become a god,” […]

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Joan Johnston holds a portrait of four of six children she raised with husband Ron.

The life of a cadaver

When the phone next to her bed rang at 2:30 a.m., some part of Joan Johnston already knew the news would not be good — her husband was never coming home. She was asleep when the call came on Thursday, Oct. 8, 2009. She picked up after two or three rings to the unfamiliar voice […]

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