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The Green Men with Prime Minister Stephen Harper

NHL’s biggest comeback… the fans!

Across from Rogers Arena in Vancouver, in a Costco parking lot, two silky green figures exit a car and make their way to the rink. Known to many in the hockey world as Sully and Force, the Green Men remain faceless and anonymous to everyone in the sporting world. As the first inductees into ESPN’s […]

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Getting #LdnOnt involved

They are short thoughts – 140-character messages shared with anyone who decides to follow you. These tweets, brief as they may be, are making their way into the political arena. Recently, Londoners have seen local issues take precedence on the social media platform – with the city’s tax increase and a councillor’s derogatory comments at […]

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Bookstore busy all year long

Inside the University Community Centre bookstore early one Friday afternoon, employees stand behind the information desk working on computers. Shoppers meander through the aisles amid the sound of clicking keyboards. “Jane Doran,” said one of the employees looking around the store, “she’s around here somewhere. She’s always busy.” “Jane, can you come to the information […]

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Used books connect readers to the past

Every morning, Tyler Smith opens the door to a cultural storehouse. “We’re a place that people come to feel a sense of community. It’s a place of conversation – a place of ideas,” said Smith, manager of City Lights Bookshop. This sense of community helps maintain the success of used bookstores and withstand the evolution […]

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