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President of the European Council Donald Tusk has pushed for an energy union since he was prime minister of Poland. <br /> Photo courtesy of European Council.

Energy union aims to reverse flow of Russian power

A European energy union agreed to this week could curb Russian power on the continent. The deal, which insists that member states comply with all European Union agreements, would stop member states from having their own energy policy The goal is to reduce Russia’s ability to influence individual countries through gas deals. The deal was not […]

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The anti-vaccination movement is making scenes like this less common.

Media not inoculating anti-vaxers’ fears

Dr. Paul Offit has spent his career researching and advocating for vaccine safety. As director of the Vaccine Education Centre at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, he sees at least one child die every year of a vaccine-preventable disease. “At the heart of it is people don’t fear the disease,” Offit said. “As a consequence, […]

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The Cardboard Café in London offers customers a range of simple and sophisticated games to enjoy for $5.
<br />Photo Courtesy of Allan McKee<br />

Cafés find board games their cup of tea

Jenny Mayer and Jessica Cooper stare at a chestnut-brown chess board, planning out their next move. Mayer sits by the window, quietly sipping a cup of orange pekoe tea as traffic outside on Dundas Street rumbles by. For these two friends, The Cardboard Café offers a reason to leave the house. “It’s nice to get out and […]

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Millennials prefer public transit. <br /> Photo by Allan McKee

Transit key to urban development in 21st century

The car was central to urban planning for the baby boom generation. Now, many North American cities are beginning to see public transportation as the key to attracting a young workforce and, with it, economic growth. That’s the view of many transit experts, including three who spoke about the benefits of rapid transit at the […]

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