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Jessica Tong and Alex Lu volunteer for I Know Someone at Western University.

Sex off-limits if they aren’t conscious

Jenny didn’t scream. She didn’t call out for help, and she didn’t try to fight back. Instead, she just lay there–passive and non-resistant. While in some part of her mind, she might have known what was happening, she didn’t have the strength or the words to speak what she was feeling. She isn’t sure that […]

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Local slammer heads to poetry finals

The image of the poet on a stage in a trendy low-lit coffee house, surrounded by people in dark clothing and peculiar French hats, is dead. While some hats remain peculiar, slam poetry ensures the crowd has become livelier, the events are held in pubs and clubs, and the words spoken have become more impassioned, […]

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Campus safety on foot

The phone rang, breaking through the chatter from people huddled around a desk during their evening break. Manan Bhatt, a Western University Foot Patrol volunteer, picked up the receiver and listened intently to the voice on the other end. “Oh, really? That’s crazy. Okay, I’ll let them know,” he said, and hung up. His face […]

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HIV-AIDS not part of the conversation, recent study shows

Canada is a multicultural country, but Canadian health care may not be reflecting multicultural values. A recent study done at Western University found that people within the African, Caribbean, and black population—termed the ACB community—face unique social barriers that hinder access to health care and contribute to increased vulnerability to such diseases as HIV-AIDS. “We […]

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