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Terzo is an avid cat blogger. Photo courtesy of Bobbi Graham.

The nine (million) lives of Internet cats

In the electronic jungle, one animal rules the page view counts and claims millions of followers every second. Who is this powerful creature that tames even the wildest corners of the Internet? The average household cat. Cats are the not-so-secret key to Internet superstardom, an online phenomenon that has taken social media and the web […]

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Huron chaplaincy continues 150-year tradition

Light spills through the Huron University College chapel’s stained glass windows, casting colourful patterns on the stone floor. The smell of incense lingers and baroque organ music floats across the dark wooden pews. On a rainy afternoon in March, the chapel is both a place of refuge and activity. Beneath its peaceful atmosphere, the space […]

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uMentioned issues? Students open up on Facebook page

Poetry, love confessions and personal testimonials – anything goes on the uMentioned Western Facebook page. And all with complete anonymity. Each post is an act of trust. Each represents faith in a complete stranger. And so far it seems to be working. On a campus of more than 30,000 students, these anonymous Facebook posts have […]

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New foundation looking for awesome ideas

London is experiencing an invasion of awesomeness.  And it doesn’t show signs of stopping. A local chapter of the Awesome Foundation is distributing monthly grants of $1,000 to micro-improvement projects in the city. The first was awarded last month and the second will be given out at the end of February. “We’re not closed to ideas,” says Christine […]

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