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Robopocalypse Now? Not so fast

The robots are coming. The machines will rise. It’s known as “the singularity.” It’s that moment when machines reach and then surpass human intelligence, and the idea has captivated mankind for decades. “It’s an idea that stems from that psychotic dream of unlimited power – it promises omniscience, omnipotence, it promises you’ll become a god,” […]

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One of the Grammar Vandals stands underneath a corrected sign.

Lights! Apostrophe! Action!

The lights dim and a hush falls over the audience. For a moment, there is complete darkness. Then a deep, distorted voice breaks the silence. “I started off with just hard drugs and stuff,” booms the voice. “Then I discovered grammar and I could really get into that.” So begins Christopher Beaulieu’s Grammar Vandals, his […]

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Thursday night fights, Japanese style

For many Western students, Thursday night is a time to watch TV or start looking ahead to weekend plans. But for members of the Western Kendo Club, Thursday night is for sparring practice. At 7 p.m. the recreational centre’s Orange Gym is home to the centuries old Japanese martial art. As the fighters approach the […]

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Youth want to connect with next pope

Jordan Moffatt hopes that the next Holy Father will reach out to Catholic youth. Moffatt, a 23-year-old university graduate, was raised Catholic and still identifies with the church, but describes himself as a “non-practicing, non-believing Catholic.” “I’d like to see the next pope be someone a bit more moderate,” Moffatt said. “I’m not saying they need […]

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