Author: Katherine Geleff

  • A day in the life of Jesse Tahirali

    Jesse Tahirali starts his day off like most journalists.   The soft-spoken 26-year-old walks into a dimly lit newsroom filled with television screens and computers. He sits down at his desk to check his email. Once he’s settled in, he gets caught up on the news of the day – checking twitter and browsing the […]

  • Lefty Smudges

    Lefty Smudges

    When was the last time you sent a handwritten letter? What if you could pay someone to do it for you? That’s what one Londoner is doing. Katie Geleff tells us the story of one woman’s effort to bring back the art of the written word.

  • Bringing organic food to the community one box at a time

    Bringing organic food to the community one box at a time

    Spring has definitely not sprung. The sun is not shining. The birds are not chirping. The flowers are not blooming. But, one woman is trying to bring a little sunshine into the community. And, you can find it in a box. It’s called the Food Box Project. “It’s a food buyers group,” said co-founder Abby […]

  • Bringing a big spark to London

    Bringing a big spark to London

    The city could be getting its name in the Guinness Book of World Records. That’s thanks to Londoner Ryan Hunt. He’s attempting to organize the longest human circuit ever. “Humans are great conductors because we are giant bags of water,” said Hunt, 28. “A small current is going to pass through everyone and it’s going […]