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Modern Friction by Mark Mullin

Mark Mullin and Dorset Prints & Drawings opening at the Michael Gibson Gallery

It is double the fun at Michael Gibson Gallery as not one, but two exhibitions are opening tonight. Albertan artist Mark Mullin will showcase his abstract painting series ”dismantling act”. It is Mullin’s first exhibition with the gallery and the first time he sets foot in London. Mullin’s work is characterized by shapes merging into […]

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Exploring Peripheries: Twentieth-Century Art Song for Piano and Voice at 121 Studios this Friday night

Friday night, 121 Studios on Dundas St. will be taken over by art songs, which are music pieces composed for piano and voice alone. Performing them is Christina Willatt, singer, and Susanne Murphy, pianist. Willatt is a singer, pianist, composer, music director and teacher who holds a master in vocal performance and literature. Murphy is […]

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