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Thumbing a ride–online

It’s a night clear enough to see the stars as over 200 strangers light a bonfire and settle in for a good old-fashioned campout. But when they lie on their backs and stare up above them, it’s not the stars they see — it’s the thousands of glittering lights of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. […]

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Canadian specialty tea industry is heating up

A goddess of mercy once led a poor farmer to a single tea shoot. With the budding plant, he prospered through the creation of flowery oolong tea—at least according to the website of mass specialty tea producer David’s Tea. Their version of this godsent blend is “hand-produced on a small family garden near the Wuyi […]

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Amy Moffatt

Seeking better eating disorder treatments

Amy Moffatt weighs 89 pounds. This is almost double what she weighed last June. At 49 pounds, the 26-year-old had seizures after getting out of bed. Despite this, she still would not eat. “At that point, you’re not functioning, your head’s not right,” said Moffatt, a London native. “There’s a lot I don’t remember about […]

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