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Children playing in the Game On physical literacy program <br /> Photo by Rima Hamadi <br />

Game On

Game On is a physical literacy program run by the Epilepsy Support Centre in London, for children from 4 to 12 years old who suffer from neurological conditions. The program was given a government grant in 2014, but now funding is up in the air. And it could be game over for Game On. Rima […]

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Going in Many Directions

It was the moment Rawan Shoujaa had been dreaming of. For five years, the 17-year-old had been patiently waiting for her favourite band to come to Dubai. But 10 days before the concert, Rawan heard news that she wished wasn’t true. “I found out when I was at school, and I had to leave class […]

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One Direction

They’re Missing That One Thing

The band no longer walks in One Direction. It was a sad day for many young women (and men) around the world on Wednesday. Zayn Malik, who is a member of One Direction, announced that he was leaving the band. Social media blew up with questions and upset fans, begging for the singer to change […]

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