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  • Media not inoculating anti-vaxers’ fears

    Media not inoculating anti-vaxers’ fears

    Dr. Paul Offit has spent his career researching and advocating for vaccine safety. As director of the Vaccine Education Centre at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, he sees at least one child die every year of a vaccine-preventable disease. “At the heart of it is people don’t fear the disease,” Offit said. “As a consequence,…

  • Traditional and Western Medicine: It’s not one or the other

    Traditional and Western Medicine: It’s not one or the other

    It took their daughter’s near-death experience for Samuel and Patricia Hearns of the Ojibwa First Nation to realize their indigenous culture meant more to them than they thought. About 10 years ago, the Hearns were at their daughter’s bedside at St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital. She was extremely ill from a cyst on her pancreas. The…

  • Standing up to Depression

    Standing up to Depression

    Brandon Rudd is a born comedian, but it took him over half of his life to dive into his passion: improv. Brandon suffered from a lifelong struggle with depression and he got into improv because it helps him to stay balanced.

  • Child’s Play

    Child’s Play

    Playing comes naturally to most children. But for those with brain conditions, playing poses all sorts of challenges, such as perception, speech, balance and coordination. That’s why the Epilepsy Support Centre of London has developed a program called Game On that teaches children how to take control of their bodies and master social skills. But…