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  • Writing gives voice to homelessness

    Writing gives voice to homelessness

    Harry Kuhn has a voice that sings even when it’s not singing – a low, rumbling baritone that cuts the air like a scalpel and echoes through it like a diesel engine. He uses this voice sparingly, edging into group discussions with jabs and jokes and one-liners, but no Hamlet-like soliloquies. But when Harry cuts […]

  • Vinyl records keep on spinning

    Vinyl records keep on spinning

    It’s Easter weekend, the weather is finally warming up and downtown London is buzzing as people enjoy the warmest weather in weeks. On Clarence Street, spring sun shines through the windows of Grooves Record Store. Reggae music plays over the store’s speakers as people leisurely flip through vinyl records. Andy Grimster stands near the front […]

  • Lights! Apostrophe! Action!

    Lights! Apostrophe! Action!

    The lights dim and a hush falls over the audience. For a moment, there is complete darkness. Then a deep, distorted voice breaks the silence. “I started off with just hard drugs and stuff,” booms the voice. “Then I discovered grammar and I could really get into that.” So begins Christopher Beaulieu’s Grammar Vandals, his […]

  • Getting #LdnOnt involved

    Getting #LdnOnt involved

    They are short thoughts – 140-character messages shared with anyone who decides to follow you. These tweets, brief as they may be, are making their way into the political arena. Recently, Londoners have seen local issues take precedence on the social media platform – with the city’s tax increase and a councillor’s derogatory comments at […]