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Pablo Godoy gives a presentation to students on the fifth day of the tour

Labour movement asks youth for help

Santiago Escobar is driving back from St. Catharines to Toronto. Riding shotgun is his friend and union colleague, Pablo Godoy, the national representative for the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW). They’re returning home from Brock University, where they spent the last 10 hours talking with 300 students about the plight of migrant […]

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A volunteer program that partners young girls with university girls has been put on hold. <br /> Photo by Kelcey Wright <br />

ChicksCLIC will return in fall

Jennifer Choy has found more free time opening up in her agenda this year even with a heavier class schedule. This is Choy’s second year as a member of the ChicksCLIC program at Western University, except this year things with ChicksCLIC are very different. This year, the club is not operating. ChicksCLIC is an on-campus […]

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Jessica Tong and Alex Lu volunteer for I Know Someone at Western University.

Sex off-limits if they aren’t conscious

Jenny didn’t scream. She didn’t call out for help, and she didn’t try to fight back. Instead, she just lay there–passive and non-resistant. While in some part of her mind, she might have known what was happening, she didn’t have the strength or the words to speak what she was feeling. She isn’t sure that […]

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Triathletes cycle while campus sleeps

By the time most Western University students get out of bed on a Friday morning, the members of the Western Triathlon Club have already gotten in not just one workout, but three. Practice starts bright and early at 6:30 a.m., but their morning begins even earlier. Jacqueline Rennebohm, a third-year environmental health student, woke up  at […]

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