Bias Wrecker: A commentary podcast on Korean entertainment

Flora Pan had just graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology when she applied for the Master of Media in Journalism and Communications at Western University. In Flora’s eyes, the beauty of MMJC was that they didn’t care about her lack of experience in the field—in fact, that was the point. MMJC gave Flora the opportunity to start from scratch, learning everything from basic technical skills to advanced storytelling. She hoped that the program would give her the practical experience to land a job.

Following her internship at CBC Radio Kitchener-Waterloo, where she now works, Flora became inspired by audio storytelling. She had daydreamed all summer about creating her own podcast, and as the Capstone Project drew closer, she decided a podcast on Korean entertainment, would be a fun and exciting way to demonstrate her new skills and conclude her time with the MMJC.

As someone who has always had insecurities about her English pronunciation and the sound of her own voice, Flora’s podcast allowed her to step outside her comfort zone and conquer her fears.

Check out Flora’s podcast here.

Capstone Projects are produced by MMJC students at the very end of the program, as a chance to demonstrate their new skills and explore ideas and themes that interest them.  Learn more about the MMJC program and apply at the FIMS website:

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