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  • No Empty Bowls

    No Empty Bowls

    For Wendy Gorman, it’s all about the animals – protecting them and keeping them well fed. But mostly, it’s all about keeping them with those that love them most. From a Pet Valu store in London, Barbara Latkowski brings us the full story.

  • Down the Rabbit Hole: London’s Escape Room Boom

    Down the Rabbit Hole: London’s Escape Room Boom

    To most people, getting locked in an unfamiliar room sounds like the premise of a horror movie. But over the last few months, people in London have actually started paying for the privilege. Julian Uzielli wanted to find out more about the growing escape room phenomenon… so he decided to try it.

  • Fast Forward

    Fast Forward

    From the observation deck above one of the rinks in the Western Fair Sports Complex they look like small boys. They seem to move slowly, as though they’re breaking in new skates. Down on the bench, though, where you can feel the cold bite of the ice and watch them zip by, it’s a different…

  • Playing with Depression

    Playing with Depression

    The Canadian Mental Health Association says that 8% of adults will face major depression in their lifetime. Still, stigmas persist and often people suffer in silence. Despite this, one London man has found that by tapping into a lifelong passion, he is able to cope with his illness. Eric Green brings us his story.