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  • Paterson Hodgson: A Feminist Frontwoman

    Paterson Hodgson: A Feminist Frontwoman

    Paterson Hodgson was a folk musician. When she changed bands and became the frontwoman of rock band So Young, she discovered that it was harder being a woman in rock. Her experience radicalized her as a feminist. Lili Monette has more.

  • Sisters of All Nations

    Sisters of All Nations

    A group of indigenous students at Western University are making waves for themselves as the “Sisters of All Nations,” a women’s hand drumming group. They’ve opened for internationally renowned hip hop star Shad K, and for folk singer, Susan Aglukark. For these women, the drumming is a way to bring cultural awareness while simultaneously keeping…

  • Preserved Letters

    Preserved Letters

    Eleanor Wolfe, now 96 years young, has a letter close to her heart. But she’s donating it so that this spring it can be featured when the Centre for American War Letters opens at Chapman University. It’s getting harder for people to connect to the war as it moves further away, but the Centre has…