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  • Finding a Balance

    Finding a Balance

    As new barns are being built, dairy farmers are looking to technology and new techniques to help with production. The integration of both are not only for efficiency purposes, but also for humane and ethical farming practices. Amanda Whalen takes a look at how one dairy farmer in Watford, Ontario, is finding that the more…

  • Lefty Smudges

    Lefty Smudges

    When was the last time you sent a handwritten letter? What if you could pay someone to do it for you? That’s what one Londoner is doing. Katie Geleff tells us the story of one woman’s effort to bring back the art of the written word.

  • Dancing Into Your Heritage

    Dancing Into Your Heritage

    Holding on to a culture after immigrating halfway around the world can be difficult for many. But some find a way to keep their culture alive through artistic forms of expression like dance. Chris Vandenbreekel brings us the story of one group that is working hard to remember their roots.

  • Community Ramp Project Closes Accessibility Gaps

    Community Ramp Project Closes Accessibility Gaps

    In 2005, the provincial government passed the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act promising a barrier free Ontario by 2025. Reporter Daniel Weryha has more on how a London woman and her team are speeding up the process with their community ramp project.