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  • Stitching a Connection to Culture

    Stitching a Connection to Culture

    When two Western students launched Nor Apparel last fall, they wanted to make a different kind of fashion statement. Besides starting their own business, Nor Apparel has given these young entrepreneurs the chance to celebrate their culture and to educate others. Reporter Emily McWilliams has more.

  • Rolling with the Punches

    Rolling with the Punches

    The following story is about will power. About those moments that change peoples’ lives forever, and how sports can help them overcome their most difficult times. Jonathan Juha explores one man’s recovery from a horrific accident, and the support he is now giving to others.

  • Game On

    Game On

    Game On is a physical literacy program run by the Epilepsy Support Centre in London, for children from 4 to 12 years old who suffer from neurological conditions. The program was given a government grant in 2014, but now funding is up in the air. And it could be game over for Game On. Rima…

  • Brewing Up Big Business

    Brewing Up Big Business

    For one Ontario brewer, love for the art of beer making is something born of a lifelong passion for science. But as the appetite for craft beer in our province continues to grow, the business of microbrewing is increasingly attractive to entrepreneurs from a wide range of backgrounds. Our reporter Brendan Murphy brings us along…