Electoral ward project {week 1}

Welcome to the first post about our class’ coverage of the 2014 municipal election in London.

My name is Janice Dickson and my partner is Alley Wilson. We are documenting the progress of our classmates and the way they cover local candidates.

So what can you expect? Posts about interviews, photos, videos and what makes politicians tick.

Our class is divided into teams of two and each team is assigned a candidate. So far we have heard about  the challenge of securing interviews and we will tell you more next week.

Thursday, February 6, each team contacted councillors and candidates.

Who we’ve heard from:
Herald Usher
Sandy White
Joe Swan
Matt Brown
Josh Morgan
Paul Herbert
Judy Bryant
Randy Warden
Steve Hogg
William Gordon

Who we’re waiting to hear from:
Stephen Orser
Nancy Branscombe
Paul Van Meerbergen
Dale Henderson
Joe Fontana
Bill Armstrong
Bud Polhill
Denise Brown

We will be posting every Thursday so visit the Western Report for updates.




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