Electoral Ward Project: On Covering Ward 3

In our New Media class we have been busy interviewing city councillors about the upcoming municipal election.

I’ve been documenting everything that happens behind the scenes. Lately, I’ve heard from my classmates that it’s hard find locals to talk about their councillor.

Sarah Rohoman and Asymina Kantorowicz ventured twice into Ward 3 but left empty handed on both occasions.

The duo described Ward 3, located on the boarder of the city, as an industrial area with a lot of businesses.

Rohoman said that yesterday she and Kantorowicz went into a community centre and a church – but there was no one to talk to.

The team talked to business owners, but often the response was that they owned businesses in the ward, but lived in a different neck of the city.

Rohoman and Kantorowicz were able to speak to people outside a Tim Hortons. They spoke to about 20 people – some who are from the ward, others not. But either way, no one could comment on the ward councillor, Joe Swan.

“People didn’t know anything about Joe Swan,” said Rohoman.

Kantorowicz said that she was surprised that not one person had an opinion about the councillor.

“The fact that we went twice and no one could comment was frustrating,” said Kantorowicz.

Rohoman and Kantorowicz are not the only journalists having this issue. Next week, I will write a post about a similar challenge Chantal Da Silva and Kate Dingman are facing in Ward 11, and more.

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