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After Madisyn Latham completed an undergraduate degree in communications, she was unsure of where to go next. Harbouring a deep love of journalism for most of her life, she chose Western’s MMJC because it combined her passion for journalism with her background in communications.

Madisyn’s capstone project – the Full-Time Food blog – grew out of her love of writing and food. Knowing that the capstone project would be an opportunity to work with her passions, Madisyn launched a website where experienced and inexperienced foodies could come together to try out new recipes, and to share in her experiences.

At first, Madisyn struggled with writing a blog that wasn’t overly formal or technical, but that also wasn’t too light-hearted. However, she quickly found the perfect balance between educational and entertaining. Not only has her time working on Full-Time Food developed her digital communications skills, but every recipe and story Madisyn posts is evidence of her growth and evolution as a cook as well.

Check out Full-Time Food here.

Capstone Projects are produced by MMJC students at the very end of the program, as a chance to demonstrate their new skills and explore ideas and themes that interest them. You can learn more about the MMJC program at the FIMS website: fims.uwo.ca/mmjc

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