Humans @Western: Architecture

the wind tunnel at Western University

Join four Master of Media in Journalism and Communication (MMJC) students as they take you on a journey to learn more about Western University.

In this edition, take an audio tour of three Western buildings — some iconic and some lesser-known. Meet the people who work at and are inspired by the architecture of these buildings.

All photography by Ross Howey.


Dr. Craig Miller shows off models used to test the Twin Towers. Photo by Ross Howey.

The Wind Tunnel

Jenna Freeman talks to Dr. Craig Miller, an engineering professor at Western University, and a project manager at the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory.



The Tower

Andrew Dimarco speaks with Andres Villar,  a visual arts professor at Western University. Villar explains that the tower offers a historical connection, taking design cues from a time when universities were first being established.



Hume Cronyn Memorial Observatory

Kaylee Lambert interviews Professor Jan Cami, an astronomy instructor at Western University, and the coordinator for the Hume Cronyn Memorial Observatory on campus.