Join the cancer fight

Spring has sprung. And so has the need for volunteers.

The Canadian Cancer Society’s annual fundraising campaign, National Daffodil month, will kick off in April.

Volunteers are currently being recruited to help sell the iconic flower that serves as a symbol of hope for the many Canadians affected by the disease and their families.

“The daffodil sets us apart. Everyone associates it with cancer, a great cause worth giving to,” said Amanda Rasmussen, volunteer-engagement coordinator in London.

“We have about 1,000 spaces to fill and I am confident that we will. It’s really amazing. London has always surpassed the number of volunteers needed,” said Rasmussen.

The face of volunteering has changed in the last few years.

According to Rasmussen, people seem to find a cause that they are really passionate about and utilize their skills to help make a difference.

Money raised helps support the society’s mission, including support services for patients and families, as well as funding research.

Last year, 57 000 people volunteered in Canada during Daffodil month and the society hopes for even more this year.

“Our volunteers are more engaging than ever. They want to be much more interactive with people and this makes all the difference,” Rasmussen said.

Daffodil pins will be sold April 9 – 12 and again April 17 – 19.

If you are interested in joining the fight, call Amanda Rasmussen at: (519) 432-1137 or visit


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