Mad Marwa

According to Marwa Hassan, she’s been in a long-term relationship with writing for as long as she can remember. Towards the end of her MIT undergrad at Western, she began to think about pursuing a career in journalism. However, she had also been toying with the idea of going into advertising, excited by the prospect of having the freedom to create something different and moving, and have fun with her creative side. This, says Marwa, is what led her to the MMJC program. While MMJC isn’t an advertising program, it explores both journalism and communications, and how they intersect.

After networking within the advertising industry during her internship at Eighty-Eight in Toronto, she found one common piece of advice—she would need a portfolio to showcase her copywriting and design skills to show ad agencies and their creative directors. So, for her capstone, she decided to create a digital portfolio to help her land her dream job.

Check out Marwa’s ads here.

Capstone Projects are produced by MMJC students at the very end of the program, as a chance to demonstrate their new skills and explore ideas and themes that interest them.  Learn more about the MMJC program and apply at the FIMS website:

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