Sweat for Strong Kids

Cyclists, get ready, get set, start sweating!

About 600 volunteers will spin in support of the YMCA’S Sweat for Strong Kids event on April 11th.

The YMCA’S Sweat for Strong Kids is an upbeat and entertaining event where hundreds of people gather in the spirit of fitness to support the potential of local children.

This is the YMCA’S largest event, now in it’s second year. It raises a significant portion of the revenue needed to ensure that local children and youths are able to take part in swimming lessons, YMCA day camps and other programs and services regardless of their financial situation.

In London and surrounding areas, 1 in 3 kids rely on financial support to take part in YMCA programs.  Sophia Hrstic is a development officer at London’s YMCA.  “We don’t want anyone to miss out on these opportunities and we do want to stress that this isn’t just for kids but for families, so that everyone can have access to any program,” Hrstic said.

Hrstic and her colleagues are currently prepping t-shirts and spinning bikes are being moved to the Covent Garden Market in London where the fist 45-minute spinning class will take place at 9:00am and the last class will end at 1:45 pm. Other venues hosting the event include the CASAO Station in St. Thomas and Your Neighbourhood Credit Union in Woodstock.

According to Hrstic, there was a great turnout last year and the same is expected this year. “Some people think that spinning might be too challenging but we are treating each spin as a beginner class so that everyone can take it at their own pace,” Hrstic said. “The whole event is upbeat. We’ll have DJs there to help pump everyone up. It’s fun and motivating,” she said.

Each cyclist commits to raising money in support of the Sweat for Strong Kids Campaign.

“Every child deserves to go to camp. It’s such a big part of being a kid. No one should miss out,” Hrstic said.

If you would like to get your sweat on for Strong Kids and for more information visit: ymcasweatforstrongkids.ca


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