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  • Vibrating at a different frequency

    Vibrating at a different frequency

    Music for the deaf community was considered ¬†an oxymoron by most people, but David Bobier believed that music is an art that could be shared by all, regardless of disability. The VibraFusion lab in London, that was founded by Bobier in 2013, is based on alternative audio technology created by the Inclusive Media and Design […]

  • Exploring Peripheries: Twentieth-Century Art Song for Piano and Voice at 121 Studios this Friday night

    Friday night, 121 Studios on Dundas St. will be taken over by art songs, which are music pieces composed for piano and voice alone. Performing them is Christina Willatt, singer, and Susanne Murphy, pianist. Willatt is a singer, pianist, composer, music director and teacher who holds a master in vocal performance and literature. Murphy is […]