Television Journalism Stories

Student standing on roof of car

Students in the Graduate Program of Journalism in the Faculty of Information & Media Studies at Western produce stories in all media – video, audio, print and online. Here are a few examples of the visual story telling they did this past year.

Jeremy Copeland is the TV journalism instructor for the Journalism Program at Western.


Postpartum Depression by Katrina Clarke

Postpartum depression can affect up to one in five new mothers. Little is known about what causes it but symptoms can include feelings of hopelessness and sadness and thoughts of harming yourself or your baby. It’s widespread, but many mothers don’t talk about it. Katrina Clarke has the story of one woman who is sharing her story and encouraging others to get help.

Spiritman by Nick Boisvert

Raising an autistic child is one of the hardest challenges any parent can face. But for nine years Rick Walker fought alongside his son Jamie. Jamie struggled with communication for most of his childhood. When no one could get him to talk, Jamie found
an unexpected spark. Nick Boisvert has his story.

Night of Heroes by Amar Shah

Community Living London is one of the biggest organizations in the city
that supports people with intellectual disabilities. Amar Shah has the
story of one man’s connection with the organization, and his love for


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