Video Class 2014

Students in the Graduate Program of Journalism in the Faculty of Information & Media Studies at Western produce stories in all media – video, audio, print and online. Here are a couple of examples of the visual story telling they did this past year.


A Veteran’s Ongoing Battle by Asymina Kantorowicz

Nine veterans affairs offices have closed across Canada. It has resulted in long delays for help and a decrease in qualified staff members for those Canadians who need it most. Asymina Kantorowicz has the story of one man who nearly paid the ultimate price while serving Canada, only to return home and find that his government has turned its back on him.


Conquering Cancer Through Cinema by Bonnie Guan

Like many people diagnosed with cancer, Emily Beeckmans at first felt overwhelmed, confused, and frightened. This single mother was particularly worried about the future of her two children. She turned to film to help her survive the journey through treatment and recovery. As Bonnie Guan tells us, Beeckmans is now on a mission to help others.

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