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Inuit art shows curlers who are ready to rock at Museum London.

Inuit art with a modern twist

From Washington, D.C., to London, England to Museum London here in the Forest City, Inuit Ullumi: Inuit Today is both well-received and well-travelled, but will soon be on the move again. The exhibition – which focuses on contemporary Inuit art – will be leaving London, Ont., later this month. Inuit Ullumi has been on display at Museum […]

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Celebrating 30 years of Inuit art

Gabriel Beaulieu is hunched over his medicine man. Leaning in, he gently presses his scalpel into his subject’s eye and slowly scrapes away at its socket. He exhales, and a small cloud of rock fragments lifts off the medicine man’s pale, unblinking face. “This could take me a month or so with all the details,” […]

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