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Nature in the City is a lecture series about the urban wild. <br /> Photo by Ben Fraser <br />

Londoners flock to nature talks

Canada geese, insect intelligence and urban forests are luring Londoners from their winter dens in droves to attend an ongoing series of nature talks. The lecture series—titled Nature in the City—has been providing a break from the abnormally cold and snowy winter every Tuesday night since Jan. 14 at Wolf Performance Hall on Dundas Street […]

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Alison Williams

Comic books in the 21st century

Alison Williams glances at her blank easel. Using a stick of charcoal, she draws a large circle on her canvas, and then divides the circle into four equal quadrants. “From here we’re going to build a face,” she says. “I’m going to give my character a pair of glasses, and I’ll bring the eyebrows way […]

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