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Police car parked outside the London Police Services.

Shootings trigger spotlight on police gun use

In the 10 years he’s been an officer of the Ontario Provincial Police, Hesham El Sayed has never had to fire his gun. “The job’s not for everyone, that’s for sure. It never gets easy. You should go to every call scared, that’s what I think.” El Sayed, 35 and a London resident, has been […]

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Ideas for new sex trade laws fighting to see the light 
<br /> Photo by Karmen Wells <br />

One spotlight not enough for prostitution debate

It’s easy to judge a prostitute with a passing glance. Some might feel sad for them, others disgusted. But probably few can  say they’ve ever tried to understand them and their situations. After a recent Supreme Court ruling and a police operation, many want to have their say on how Canadian law should address prostitution. Operation […]

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Renee Willmon, a member of the to Catch a Killer Team, in the biological archeology lab in Western's anthropology department. 
<br /> Photo by David Ingram <br />

Dead men (and women) do tell tales

Crime investigation is often a race against the clock. As every hour ticks by, more and more crucial evidence can be lost. So what happens when a homicide case goes cold, and maybe 20, 30 or even 40 years have passed without a lead? It’s a question Mike Arntfield knows a lot about. He is […]

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