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CassierFerguson checks her phone

Yelling Tinder: Dating in the 21st century

Cassie Ferguson is new to the game. Her tightly-cropped hair is freshly dyed, the tip spikes upward — like the stud bracelets circling her wrists — into a faux-hawk and is tinged with a red streak. Everything about her points to a challenge, and her Tinder profile is no different. With one arm planted on […]

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Jessica Tong and Alex Lu volunteer for I Know Someone at Western University.

Sex off-limits if they aren’t conscious

Jenny didn’t scream. She didn’t call out for help, and she didn’t try to fight back. Instead, she just lay there–passive and non-resistant. While in some part of her mind, she might have known what was happening, she didn’t have the strength or the words to speak what she was feeling. She isn’t sure that […]

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Western University: Faculty of Information & Media Studies

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