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Craig Smith smoking an e-cigarette

The great vape debate

In a basement laboratory, a table is covered with syringes. The wall above is lined with bottles, filled with liquids waiting to be measured and mixed, bold letters written across each container. Green apple, grape, Earl Grey and dill pickle are just some of the many varieties on hand. Cylindrical electrical devices of different sizes […]

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Jordan Furlong playing Flappy Bird

Getting hooked on free mobile games can cost you

The tense silence of Jordan Furlong playing a game on his cellphone is abruptly broken by a loud, frustrated string of cursing, and a mock motion of throwing his phone to the floor. And then he starts over and repeats. The mobile game Flappy Bird is on the other side of his phone screen. And it’s […]

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Korean Leauge Stadium

Road trip: Baseball life far from home

The grass is just as green. The fans are just as loud. The beer is just as cold. But after that the differences start to become more apparent: spicy rice cakes and dried squid are the snacks of choice, the ball is slightly smaller and every Monday is an off-day. Welcome to the Korean Baseball […]

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