Author: Andrew Costy

  • Moving the state of journalism one story at a time

    Moving the state of journalism one story at a time

    Desmond Cole, host of a self-titled show on News Talk 1010, was caught during a phone interview in the middle of some very important work.   “I feel I would say perpetually disorganized,” he said. “I’m sitting at my computer imagining how much more organized I can be: it’s been a very productive afternoon.”   […]

  • From the Factory to the Studio

    From the Factory to the Studio

    The life of an up-and-coming artist has never been an easy road. With the lack of a stable income and support from family members, it can be hard to stay truly committed. For Bobby Pena, this journey is no different. Andrew Costy has more.

  • Sneakers for the soul

    Sneakers for the soul

    Pump up your Reebok’s and lace up your Air Jordan’s. Sole2Sole is London’s first-ever sneaker convention. The hip-hop influenced affair aims to bring together a community of like-minded people: those with fresh rubber sole on their mind. “I’m just a really big sneaker head and into the culture,” J.R. Wideman, the host and organizer for […]

  • Campout For A Cause

    Campout For A Cause

    “It devastated our chapter and we started to realize that this was something that was extremely underrepresented in terms of our social consciousness,” said Vandan Jhaveri, head coordinator of the Austen Berlet Campout (ABC) for Mental Health. Austen Berlet, a member of Phi Gamma Delta, committed suicide in 2009. “We felt it was kind of […]