London Police Services Awareness Videos

London police officer on a skateboard

During his internship with the London Police Service’s communications department, Ross Howey assisted Media Relations Officer Sandasha Bough on a number of particularly difficult days for the force. He also had the opportunity to participate in many fun events and initiatives involving LPS officers, and was able to document them along the way.

A freelance photographer in his spare time, for his final capstone project, Ross decided to use his shooting and editing skills to craft inspiring communications material for the LPS. From an appeal for helmet safety, to an informational piece about the LPS’s Rookie League program, Ross’s videos showcase an insider’s look into the LPS’s important role in improving the community.

Check out the videos below!




Capstone Projects are produced by MMJC students at the very end of the program, as a chance to demonstrate their new skills and explore ideas and themes that interest them. You can learn more about the MMJC program at the FIMS website: