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London police officer on a skateboard

London Police Services Awareness Videos

During his internship with the London Police Service’s communications department, Ross Howey assisted Media Relations Officer Sandasha Bough on a number of particularly difficult days for the force. He also had the opportunity to participate in many fun events and initiatives involving LPS officers, and was able to document them along the way. A freelance photographer […]

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Electric Revival, photo by Sara Mai Chitty

Rock n roll lives on in Electric Revival

They came, they rocked. And there was no one there to hear it. Three piece retro-rock act Electric Revival pumped out some good old fashioned rock n’ roll Thursday night at the APK. They’re not the only band to come to town for a meagre crowd, and they won’t be the last. Frontman Ian Dillon brushed […]

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Puddle of Mudd no-show causes uproar

Excited fans were left waiting in vain last night at London rock club, Norma Jean’s, when the evening’s headliners Puddle of Mudd abruptly cancelled their set. The venue’s management grew concerned when the Missouri grunge rockers failed to arrive for their 5 p.m. sound check, and proceeded to phone their hotel. When they finally made contact with the group’s members, who were […]

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Maurice Stubbs, right, speaking at the opening for his exhibit "Primary Forces," at the McIntosh Gallery. Photo: Sara Mai Chitty

McIntosh curator comes full circle

Standing solitary, surrounded by sculptures, is a tiny brick building on the Western University campus. Unremarkable but for the bright red double doors, the McIntosh gallery has hosted internationally renowned works of art and played a key part in building up London’s cultural landscape. Established in 1942, the gallery is the oldest university art gallery […]

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Western University: Faculty of Information & Media Studies

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