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  • London Police Services Awareness Videos

    London Police Services Awareness Videos

    During his internship with the London Police Service’s communications department, Ross Howey assisted Media Relations Officer Sandasha Bough on a number of particularly difficult days for the force. He also had the opportunity to participate in many fun events and initiatives involving LPS officers, and was able to document them along the way. A freelance photographer […]

  • Londoners colour away their stress

    Londoners colour away their stress

    When Donna Currie tells friends she’s going out to do adult colouring, the typical response is, “Oh, so it’s porn?” Although adult colouring may sound like a risqué activity, it’s anything but. The hobby has been gaining popularity since 2013, yet it wasn’t until last year when the books began topping bestseller lists. Currie meets […]

  • Sneakers for the soul

    Sneakers for the soul

    Pump up your Reebok’s and lace up your Air Jordan’s. Sole2Sole is London’s first-ever sneaker convention. The hip-hop influenced affair aims to bring together a community of like-minded people: those with fresh rubber sole on their mind. “I’m just a really big sneaker head and into the culture,” J.R. Wideman, the host and organizer for […]

  • The end of “board-om”: London game crawl encourages play

    The end of “board-om”: London game crawl encourages play

    Board game enthusiasts can snake (and ladder) their way through the city for the second-annual London Game Crawl on Saturday. The game crawl is held in honour of International Tabletop Day, an annual celebration of all things related to board games.  Last year, 80 countries participated and hosted gaming events around the world. In London, eight locations […]