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Games like Super Smash Bros have led to the rise of gaming tournaments in London - photo courtesy Nintendo

Gaming tournaments ‘Smash’-ing success in Forest City

London is getting its game on. Video-game tournaments are flourishing in the Forest City, giving rise to companies focused on providing gaming tournament experiences. “We’ve been getting more people every month,” said Erin Miklos, the owner of Game On Entertainment Services. “As word has gotten out, it’s improved.” GOES began holding gaming tournaments last year […]

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The Cardboard Café in London offers customers a range of simple and sophisticated games to enjoy for $5.
<br />Photo Courtesy of Allan McKee<br />

Cafés find board games their cup of tea

Jenny Mayer and Jessica Cooper stare at a chestnut-brown chess board, planning out their next move. Mayer sits by the window, quietly sipping a cup of orange pekoe tea as traffic outside on Dundas Street rumbles by. For these two friends, The Cardboard Café offers a reason to leave the house. “It’s nice to get out and […]

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Jordan Furlong playing Flappy Bird

Getting hooked on free mobile games can cost you

The tense silence of Jordan Furlong playing a game on his cellphone is abruptly broken by a loud, frustrated string of cursing, and a mock motion of throwing his phone to the floor. And then he starts over and repeats. The mobile game Flappy Bird is on the other side of his phone screen. And it’s […]

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