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Olenka Krakus works her last shift at the Village Idiot.

Olenka bids ‘au revoir’ to London

Gently strumming her acoustic guitar, she sways back and forth to her own beat. “I know you can’t breathe,” she sings, high and soft. Many of the songs she’s shared tonight are familiar, and Olenka sings them powerfully alongside members of her band, the Autumn Lovers. But this one, Asthma, is new. She’s planning to […]

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A jazzy kind of night

If a pin dropped right now, you’d hear it. Despite seating almost three dozen students with instruments in hand, Room 104 in Western University’s Don Wright Faculty of Music building is unusually quiet. But tonight, the silence hangs heavy with anticipation, and soon the room will erupt into a flutter of melody. The Worst Pop […]

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Western University: Faculty of Information & Media Studies

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