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Discarded cigarette butts are a major source of environmental pollution. <br />Photo by Patricia Barrett<br />

London gets set to really clean up

Imagine picking up soggy cigarette butts people carelessly flick to the ground and making a tally of each one. Some Londoners make a habit of it. And they’re willing to collect and count more than just butts. Plastic bags, bottle caps, coffee cups and soda cans also form part of the fun. Each year, they participate in […]

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Campout For A Cause

“It devastated our chapter and we started to realize that this was something that was extremely underrepresented in terms of our social consciousness,” said Vandan Jhaveri, head coordinator of the Austen Berlet Campout (ABC) for Mental Health. Austen Berlet, a member of Phi Gamma Delta, committed suicide in 2009. “We felt it was kind of […]

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Keeping London’s Meals on Wheels Program Rolling

It isn’t exactly an attempt to reinvent the wheel, but Rosalind Horne sees dispelling misconceptions as a key part of her job. “A lot of people – even some of our volunteers – approach the program with this idea that it’s all about delivering meals to nice old ladies,” says Horne, Resource Development Lead for […]

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