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The Hyatt Avenue building is 108 years old.

Old churches and new realities

On the corner of Hyatt Avenue and Hamilton Road sits the 108-year-old Hyatt Avenue United Church. But the fading front sign and black metal fence erected across the entrance signal that the church has closed. It is a church only in form, not in function. Two blocks west of Hyatt Avenue, at Adelaide and Little […]

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Huron chaplaincy continues 150-year tradition

Light spills through the Huron University College chapel’s stained glass windows, casting colourful patterns on the stone floor. The smell of incense lingers and baroque organ music floats across the dark wooden pews. On a rainy afternoon in March, the chapel is both a place of refuge and activity. Beneath its peaceful atmosphere, the space […]

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Youth want to connect with next pope

Jordan Moffatt hopes that the next Holy Father will reach out to Catholic youth. Moffatt, a 23-year-old university graduate, was raised Catholic and still identifies with the church, but describes himself as a “non-practicing, non-believing Catholic.” “I’d like to see the next pope be someone a bit more moderate,” Moffatt said. “I’m not saying they need […]

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Druidry alive and well in London

As the night falls and the snow swirls in a suburban London backyard, the Druids are gathering for their ritual. They form a circle around the fire pit. “Gatekeeper, accept my sacrifice. Open the gates, part the mists and show us the way,” intones chief liturgist Kevin Silverstag. “May the well open as a gate. […]

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