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One of the Grammar Vandals stands underneath a corrected sign.

Lights! Apostrophe! Action!

The lights dim and a hush falls over the audience. For a moment, there is complete darkness. Then a deep, distorted voice breaks the silence. “I started off with just hard drugs and stuff,” booms the voice. “Then I discovered grammar and I could really get into that.” So begins Christopher Beaulieu’s Grammar Vandals, his […]

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Getting #LdnOnt involved

They are short thoughts – 140-character messages shared with anyone who decides to follow you. These tweets, brief as they may be, are making their way into the political arena. Recently, Londoners have seen local issues take precedence on the social media platform – with the city’s tax increase and a councillor’s derogatory comments at […]

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Celebrating 30 years of Inuit art

Gabriel Beaulieu is hunched over his medicine man. Leaning in, he gently presses his scalpel into his subject’s eye and slowly scrapes away at its socket. He exhales, and a small cloud of rock fragments lifts off the medicine man’s pale, unblinking face. “This could take me a month or so with all the details,” […]

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Anglers hooked on urban fishing

Paul Holmes casts his fishing line into the cold and fast-flowing Thames River. It’s snowing lightly and -6 C, but it feels much colder as wind blows across the river. Holmes slowly reels the line back in, past a small group of ducks squawking at each other. His lure – a flimsy piece of white, […]

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