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Canadian specialty tea industry is heating up

A goddess of mercy once led a poor farmer to a single tea shoot. With the budding plant, he prospered through the creation of flowery oolong tea—at least according to the website of mass specialty tea producer David’s Tea. Their version of this godsent blend is “hand-produced on a small family garden near the Wuyi […]

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A revolution in education

Paperless textbooks and virtual classrooms — the digital era of education is in full swing and it’s stirring a revolution in how students learn. “The reality is we live in a wonderful time,” says cultural anthropologist Michael Wesch. “There are at least three billion people connecting and collaborating in the air all around us, and […]

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Livin’ la vida local

Calantha Elsby’s refrigerator is almost bare. All it holds is milk, a few eggs and a container of whey, a by-product of cheese that Elsby makes in her Elora, Ont. apartment. But don’t think Elsby goes hungry. Her refrigerator is nearly empty, but her freezer is overflowing with produce from last summer. Peaches, Brussels sprouts […]

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Proud Peacock Gala to aid epilepsy awareness

It’s a gloomy, wintry day and Negassi is sitting behind a compact, medium-sized office table. With a cheerful expression on his face, he alternates between sorting and shredding mail and greeting people who come into his office at the Epilepsy Support Centre, asking, “How may I help you today?” With slightly shaky hands and a […]

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Western University: Faculty of Information & Media Studies

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