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Clowns Without Borders putting on a show in South Sudan last year.
<br />Photo courtesy of Clowns Without Borders<br />

Health officials send in the clowns

Tim Cunningham is currently under quarantine. Having just come back from working in an Ebola care centre in Sierra Leone, he’s adhering to New York City policy and serving a mandatory 21-day quarantine, imposed on health workers who return home and show no symptoms of the disease. “I’ve got nothing but time,” he says with […]

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Teresa Rutten and Robin Harvey want more fruit trees, like this pear tree near Western University, growing in London.

Forest City in need of fruit trees, advocates say

It’s a pretty safe bet that most Londoners don’t pick their fruit directly from a tree. Teresa Rutten and Robin Harvey, two local food tree advocates, are hoping to change that this year. “London used to be covered in orchards,” said Harvey, who has started several community gardens over the years. “Fruit trees used to […]

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Craig Smith smoking an e-cigarette

The great vape debate

In a basement laboratory, a table is covered with syringes. The wall above is lined with bottles, filled with liquids waiting to be measured and mixed, bold letters written across each container. Green apple, grape, Earl Grey and dill pickle are just some of the many varieties on hand. Cylindrical electrical devices of different sizes […]

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